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Planning to decommission one of your factories or industrial sites?


Our experience ranges from removal of plant equipment and machinery to complex utility infrastructures. 


Abbey Metal Reclaim provides project planning, labour, collection bins and debris removal. Metal equipment is transported to  Abbey Metal Reclaims yard for processing and recycling.

We service North London, Essex, Redbridge, Dagenham and more...

Oil & Gas Refinery Scrap Materials Accepted

  • Tank farm equipment

  • Drilling rig components

  • Metal pipings and fittings

  • Pumps

  • Any surplus metal equipment

Water Utility Scrap

Materials Accepted

  • Aluminum cast meters

  • Cast iron pipes

  • Copper pipes and fittings

  • Metal tanks and pumps

  • Any surplus metal equipment

Contact Us

Call us if you have a factory or site which needs decommissioning, clearing or salvaging

01992 760249

Site Clearance Services

  • Oil tank farms and refineries

  • Utility dismantle and removal

  • Site clearance

  • Water tower demolition

  • Factory clearance

Materials Accepted

  • Production equipment

  • Plumbing and heating components

  • Metal building structures

  • Structual steel plates

  • Conveyor system

Making a Complex

Solution Easy For


Efficient dismantling of metal

structures and site removal of

scrap metal

Metal Scrap


We come to you.

Drop off, pick up

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